Domestic Burglar Alarm

UK's demand for domestic/commercial security systems is constantly growing. The idea that a burglar alarm is only suitable for expensive properties or the notion that having a burglar alarm system would lead potential burglars to believe you had something valuable in the house, are over. Today, properties' owners and renters would like to know what is happening in their properties in real time as well as to keep records of them whilst they are not there.

A burglar alarm, when installed properly, can make the difference between a break - in causing extensive damage to the property and an attempted for a break - in ending with the burglar running away without success. We can help you secure your property by offering different types of burglar alarms that secure the property even with you inside. You can be inside your house with the knowledge that if anyone tries to break in it will trigger the burglar alarm system. In most cases a burglar will run as soon as or shortly after the alarm sets off. We can even help you prevent him from breaking into the property and make the alarm trigger before the intrusion has started.

There are many different burglar alarm systems available on the market. With the technology available today our engineers can install wireless, wired or part wired burglar alarm systems helping you protect your property and most importantly, your family.

Burglar alarm system for any small, medium or large businesses

There are many benefits to any business owner, small or large, of having a burglar alarm installed on their premises. Equipment, client’s data protection, damages, company documents, disruption of work flow and staff safety in case of a panic situation are just a few of the reasons why any business should have a burglar alarm system installed on their premises.

The insurance sector favours businesses who have proper security measures in place and can give you a 10% discount if you have burglar alarms and systems installed. There are also insurance companies that have a security criteria and if you don’t meet it, it is near impossible to make a claim should a break – in occur.

We can offer different types of services relating to burglar alarm systems

- Domestic premises – wired or wireless burglar alarm systems. We can find the right burglar alarm system to meet your security and property needs. Give us a call or request a free site survey and we will contact you within 24 hours.

- Business premises (various sizes) – we have the experience in installing wired and wireless burglar alarm systems for offices, factories, shops, restaurants, hotels, warehouses and building projects.

- Repairs and upgrades of existing burglar alarm systems – sometimes a small fix can be a cost effective solution that will allow you to use or upgrade your existing burglar alarm system for many years to follow.

- Self-Monitoring Burglar Alarms – We can offer systems that contact you and other family members directly using pre-selected telephone numbers and alerts them of activation of the burglar alarm system in your property.

- Monitored alarm system –a burglar alarm system that is connected to the monitoring station and police via a telephone line (Digital Communicator) or GPRS units such as DualCom or RedCare. The choice for the monitoring level depends on your security needs or your insurance requirements.

Don't hesitate to contact us for a free site survey or for any further information about intruder alarms.

Case study

The Metropolitan Police Office says that studies have shown that a well-fitted and maintained burglar alarm system makes you less likely to become a victim of burglary.

As an example we witnessed two neighbours in a terraced property. Whilst the house with no alarm system got broken into, the house with the burglar alarm fitted was saved from extensive damage and ended up with an attempt for burglary only as the system triggered and the burglar ran away.


Which type of alarm do I need? – The best type of alarm for your home depends on your personal preferences, budget, where you live, what your home is like and what level of protection you need. With a free site survey, all those questions will be addressed by an IDS Global representative.

Should I connect my system to the monitoring station and register with the Police? – Adding monitoring to your security package means someone is always ready to respond for any security emergency when you need it most. Police connection can be very helpful and essential in times of robbery, Anti -Social Behaviour or attempted burglary while you are in the property. Pressing the panic button, which can be wired or wireless, alerts the monitoring station of a panic situation and the police respond immediately.

Is the intruder alarm system complicated to use? – Intruder alarm systems today are user friendly and there are additional accessories that can simplify them even more.

Do I have to sign a maintenance contract? – There is no additional contract and once we have installed the system it belongs to you after making the completion payment. Annual maintenance is recommended but you are not restricted to any contract, we will remind you 30 days in advance of when your annual maintenance visit is due.


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