Domestic CCTV

There is a constant growing demand for CCTV systems in UK for residential and business premises. The idea or the concept that CCTV is suitable only for expensive houses or the thought that “If I have CCTV cameras on my house, it means a burglar might think I have something worth breaking in for”, is over. Today, property owners and renters would like to know in real time and keep records of what is happening in their property whilst they are not there.

CCTV systems today are very common security measure in various sizes of properties and can be a great deterrent from burglaries and Anti-Social Behaviour. Stream Night and Day, true, clear HD Quality video images to your mobile, tablet or computer or also can be connected directly to your TV or to a dedicated screen. CCTV System can also help you control some of your day to day matters.

With live and recorded viewing you can control your home from anywhere in the world and get a prompt response when required. Just few clicks on your phone, tablet or your computer and see an HD quality image streamed or recorded. You can download the evidence and hand it to the authorities in some cases.

CCTV system for any small, medium or large businesses

There are many benefits to any business owner, small or large, of having CCTV system installed on their premises; These range from checking that the work is being carried out properly, secure your business better, health and safety evidence in work accident cases, parking problems, insurance disputes as well as employee or customer theft and money handling.

With live and recorded HD quality viewing you can control your business from anywhere in the world and get a prompt response when required. Just few clicks on your phone, tablet or your computer and get a HD quality image streamed or recorded. You can download evidence and hand it to the authorities.

Different types of services relating to CCTV systems

- Domestic premises – we ensure the work is done with no damage to the property.

- Business premises of various sizes – we have experience in installing CCTV systems for offices, factories, shops, restaurants, hotels, warehouses and building projects.

- ANPR Cameras – Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras are specialist cameras that can help control traffic or parking management.

- Wireless CCTV system – these systems are not wire free systems but can transmit the video images between close buildings. Cabling in each building is still needed separately.

- Secret discreet internal CCTV – highly recommended for families with Nanny / Childcare or elderly care.

- Sound Recordings &Video Images – in specific requested locations we can install a CCTV camera with a tiny but highly sensitive microphone that captures sounds., This is very efficient in over-seeing customer care and meetings.

- Repairs and upgrades of existing CCTV systems – sometimes a small fix can be a cost effective solution that will allow you to upgrade and use or your existing CCTV system for many more years.

Case Study

As an example, we can program the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to inform you by email if there is any movement in your back Garden or by your Office Entrance. You immediately logging into your CCTV system and can see that a burglar is trying to break into your property. You can contact the Police with the fact you have a visual confirmation which is sufficient for them to take this matter very seriously. In some cases police caught the burglar in the act while he was still inside the premises.

For any further information please contact us, our staff would be pleased to guide and explain anything you need.


Do the CCTV Cameras have night vision? – Today’s technology is advanced and almost all the cameras produced have night vision capabilities.

What happens when the recording capacity on the DVR reaches its limits? – The DVR will erase the oldest recording and continue recording. You can decide how far back you wish to see and we will amend the system accordingly prior to installation.

Is the system complicated to use? – The CCTV systems we offer are user friendly and our engineer will instruct you on how to use the system.

Do I have to sign a maintenance contract? – There is no additional contract and once we have installed the system and it has been paid for fully it belongs to you. Annual maintenance is recommended but you are not bound to any contract. We will remind you 30 days in advance of when your annual maintenance visit is due.

What is a wireless CCTV system? – Wireless CCTV system does not mean a cable free system. The term ‘wireless’ refers to how the images are transmitted to the DVR. These systems are usually tailored for premises with several buildings that would like to use one CCTV system or it is not possible to run cables between the buildings. Any camera still needs to be connected to a power source using cables.


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