IDS Global (UK) ltd can provide a broad variety of first-rate innovative access control equipments suitable for a wide range of sites and requirements and conform to the BS EN 50133-7 British Standards. Experienced designers can guide you in selecting the most suitable solution for your requirements.
Access control equipment can create a safer environment for your business by allowing access only to authorised personnel, whilst also discouraging opportunistic theft.
Remember that an access control system is an effective way of securing your premises from unwanted guests and provides protection for your staff and assets.
IDS Global is an expert at installing the latest access control technologies including the market leading systems from Paxon company.
Whether you need to control access to an entire building or access to a single room our company with his professional security supplier Paxton have the right solution for you.
With over 30 years of experience, Paxton puts core values of simplicity, quality and honesty at the heart of everything he does.
We offer a wide range of solutions that include simple single door standalone systems and multi-door, on-line, computerised systems.



Net2 is an advanced computerised access control solution. Net2 offers centralised administration and control of sites from one to hundreds of doors and with up to 50,000 users.
Perfect if you are looking for an access system for: small/medium premises, large corporate premises, multiple-site premises, government buildings, universities, sports clubs, car parks.
For any further information please contact us, our staff would be pleased to guide and explain anything you need.


Finger print reader is widely used in access control because it's a very reliable, straightforward verification method, one of the most secure person ID recognition. Each person's finger print is different and easy to convert into digital data which can be stored in databased.
Clients find convenient to use this system to control particular sites:
- Efficient way for staff to clock in and clock out of work.
- Safer measure in anti-contamination zones such as health goods production or food preparation.


The wireless systems work by using radio frequency technology to communicate in real time with a centrally based computer system. A wireless system can be fitted to any number of doors to be the ideal solution for many facilities.
Ideally suited to organisations such as: hospitals, banks, education facilities, hotels, workplaces.



The magnetic lock or mag lock uses an electrical current to produce a magnetic force. When a current is passed through the coil, the magnet lock becomes magnetized. The door will be securely bonded when the electromagnet is energized holding against the armature plate.
Magnetic locks are generally easier to install than other locks since there are no interconnecting parts.
Because of their durability and quick operation, maglocks are valuable in a high-traffic office environment where electronic authentication is necessary.
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The simplest and cheapest solution can be the keypad access control. All of the control electronics are in the keypad or reader.
Access is gained by using a code or PIN with a keypad, or by presenting a valid token to readers.
Remember that this type of system is not recommended for exterior or high security interior doors.
Recommended for: small business premises, sports clubs, any low-risk internal door, apartment complexes, storage units.
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